Phase 5 LIES #1 *01/05/2018*

ORIGINAL Post by Salvador: 

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In terms of our phase 5 company, our products, our services, our employees, our managing director, our owner and our shareholder trust only -us- and nobody else out on the street for very very good and well defined known reasons.Some dishonest Amiga people acting continiously as wannabe crime gangsters even as administrators and moderators involved in forums, news sites, facebook groups and columns, are not informed, are not in contact with us, did not recieve any message from us and do not have the slightest clue and idea about us, our upcoming products and in general do not know what’s going on in our company as they are not related in the slightest way directly or indirectly to phase 5.WARNING !

Well being exposed and the truth hurts, and this one man company Salvador makes out to sound like many people work there! Simply he has bought likes etc to Phase 5 all is a lie!

These criminal people target and want you, as interested and honest readers and or potential customers seeking for more information about phase 5, to force and believe you completely false and UNTRUE „information“ they dont have as these wannabe mafia gangsters are acting, committing, planning, inventing and spreading totally false and untrue storys around phase 5 digital products ! Avoid these criminals by every mean as they have huge but really really huuuge problems that the company phase 5, the leading hardware expansion manufacturer in the Commodore Amiga market, has been restarted in April 2016 and is coming back right now with newly produced products for the entire Amiga market. It is a disgusting shame that people in that small Amiga market try to turn down and destroy again companies that are maintaining expensive new employments with a lot of responsability, acting them in several groups organized as criminals in a gang planning and committing one crime after another in the order to destroy all of our efforts, investments and existence for the Amiga market to damage us seriously. We want to inform you that we are hunting down every single person and company involved in these crimes and law breaching acts who was, did and or is still planning, trying or comitting crimes and breaching laws but not limited to it, to damage and harm us, thus people and companies we persue them on a legal way and on different levels to prevent and keep damage away and also to seek now for compensation and indemnification for damages caused to us. To all those honest people, aficionados, collectors, users and real experts, retro lovers and nerds, we are sorry that you made such experience with such envious and jealous but isolated criminals, that in view of this real and truly fact feel helpless, powerless and are extremely aggressive tresspassing clear red lines over to even comitting endless crimes and breaching laws towards so much concentrated and overhelming competence, experience and strengh from phase 5 digital products. We are deeply concerned about these negative people who are there only to push and keep the Amiga down and keep not only us but the Amiga away from progress. The Amiga market is affected by a crime-infested fire since a long time that get not extingisht rather more than expanded. The very best prove and evidence of it is the financial ruin and demise of the old phase 5 digital products GbR company in the year 2000 and the old phase 5 Elektronik fertigungs GmbH company in the year 2001 with about 30 employees loosing their employment, jobs, existence and both companies losing the benefit of all of their efforts and of all the huge investments done, loosing their complete ROI return of investment of several millions INTO THE COMMODORE AMIGA MARKET to help as good as they can to prevent the Amiga-Ship from sinking finally and being phase 5 the leading force to keep the Amiga-Ship afloat, beside of the fact of a mothercompany in a defunct situation since 1994 until today, on top of this rough sea with astonishing, future-oriented, visionary and world wide unique Commodore Amiga accelerator and expansion products. The main reason for the demise of old phase 5 were the same sort of criminal people AND companies vigourously attacking phase 5 then like it is now. Be aware of these sickening and unsupportable criminals and avoid them by all means !

There is just 1 man in PHASE5 Salvador and all there is allegations and crap. Common you need to be stupid to fall for this bull shit! Company was started 2016 April and as of January 2018 nothing to show for that is working and real! Casue it’s a fake fraud company owned by Salvador!

For all others interested in our products:
You are all welcome to ask and talk to us directly about what ever question, suggestion or remark you may have and learn more about our plans and products for the Commodore Amiga in 2018. Please remember we have an open ear for you and would like to get in touch with you further on. We like to be at your disposal and are pleased and happy to hear from you.

Ask a question or suggest and you will be banned or likewise treated by Salvador in the facebook group!

Here in this posts pictures you can see the Blizzard 2060 accelerators developer board and of course not the so called mysterious board of the last post, like some people were insinuating over and over to others to believe you the already mentioned untrue storys… The so called mysterious board in the last post is the one and only existing phase 5 Amiga board for the fastest high end and most advanced DSP processor unit for the Commodore Amigas Zorro 3 expansion bus. The Texas Instruments MVP TMS320C80 (Multimedia Video Processor) is a 32bit multichannel, multithread and multicore DSP processor and is of course -NOT- a 68040 or 68060 processor unit as everyone could see in our real picture made. Did anybody see ever a golden square mark on a 68040 or 68060 processor like on this DSP unit on the upper right corner of our picture ? Correct we also have never in life seen a 040/060 with a golden square mark on it, but the criminals still inventing false things and trying to believe you that a white wall is black. Why do these people invent false stories when the DSP seen in our picture clearly states -TI- for TEXAS INSTRUMENTS in the left bottom corner ? Texas Instruments never produced any 68040 or 68060 CPUs. Only round and triangle marks have been placed on 68060 cpus and the known half square marks on the 68040 cpu. Therefore it is impossible to be a 68060 or 68040 CPU. It is impossible to be a „black wall“ ! You see whats wrong ? These disgusting people want to seed insecurity to you with the criminal goal to prevent you buying items from us. Those who can’t read or better said the fact we demonstrated already several times, that these people did read it but still want to start trouble and accuse us of a „faked“ cpu and other invented things too, because they think most of the Amiga users are totally stupid that even can’t count 1+1 insulting therefore not only us, but you as a reader interested in a product and service of us, behaving like they are „superior“ and the only ones to know anything about us, as if they are the owners of the Amiga and on top have driven own Motorola Foundry CPU factories (in their dreams) and all others seeking for information have no brain cells at all to insult at any time they want your intelligence and to manipulate you when and wherever they want as a honest reader and possible customer lying about facts and the reality directly in your face. Not mentioning that several processors of the late 90ies had similar ceramic housings and colours like some x86 CPUs too as for sure you know. The Texas Instruments factory fixed heatsink sitting on top of the DSP in our last picture and post shows and reveals the MVP DSP processor and description of the model exactly on the heatsink aswell on the corners with the model of the DSP, but still some of the above mentioned criminals are screaming and yelling in our own comments section to all others that it is „fake“ in front of a REAL PICTURE AS TRUE EVIDENCE OF THE EXISTENCE and these wannabe crime gangsters continue insinuating in public that „it is a Blizzard 2060 developer board…“ to spread more fud fear uncertainty and doubt in order to hold back others to contact the company, to avoid us as Amiga company in general, to boycott us on every level, to discriminate us, to defame and slander us in public and to undermine our plans and sales, therefore in the very dark and criminal intent of them to prevent at any means the healthy progress of the company and their employees acting finally inexcusable as a criminal Amiga mafia ring going even over to the point of extorting us in public in a group in a totally SCANDALOUS, REPUGNANT, REPULSIVE and OFFENSIVE scale and way against us as a honourable and honest Amiga company. With our old and small Maccelerate products range as a foot note, we never in life experienced a single time any insults, slandering and other comitted crimes that only in the Amiga scene happen all the way long. No wonder that nobody on this earth want to invest a single dime into the Amiga market. They rather would burn millions in a campfire and enjoy this burning, than investing money in the urgently needed Amiga market.

A old prototype board from 1997 being boasted and you can see corrosion and old dates from 97 on the boards see images below! And it’s not working at all showing life is it?

These serial criminals get of course blocked on our official facebook site for ever and for lifetime and some get additionally blacklisted for our sales and resellers network as we are not a mad house and dont want criminals as a customers, hiding cowardly behind their keyboards and or faked accounts or anonymous nicknames. For example there was a guy upon the last post that took a big screwdriver to break up the fixed heatsink of the special high end DSP processor mounted on another manufacturers pci board, only very few manufacturers exist that could be able to handle this complex and special DSP, destroying the very rare DSP unit behaving in a prehistoric style (maybe he played to much Chuck Rock on the Amiga ?..) loosing totally his mind like others too when it comes to phase 5 and screaming around that our -real photo picture- (impossible to falsificate) is „fake“ and that he „proved it is fake“ by roughly showing the rude destroyed die (integrated circuits) of the DSP of his pci board, he like some others want to tell the World it is (they want you once again believe „to know“ while in reality the only thing they want is to destroy our company like they did with the old one) a Blizzard 2060 developer board with a 68060 processor and that we put on top only the DSP heatsink to mislead the public, instead of the real MVP TMS320 DSP unit that can very clearly be seen in our real and unedited photo. There are also people having Amiga companies claiming that we are to stupid because we put the 9 pin connector of the DSP board on a „false“ side and this would interfere with the Amigas housing… We broke out in loud laughter ! that an Amiga hardware developer claims such a bullshit. The most ridiculous comment we heared until now about our DSP board as they meanwhile don’t know how to attack and insult us anymore. So to develop one of the most complex board that such a guy presumably would be dreaming of, this is possible for phase 5, but a simple connector is then placed wrong ?.. well the Amiga would now display a Guru Meditation for such a lousy bad logic conclusion, like developing a super car but being unable to mount tyres on it… You see ? like allways disgusting criminal proceedings all the way long to harm our company all the time, committed every day against us !

What is this guy on about and is he referring to Chucky the Admin? We don’t know and don’t understand this poor English and manifest type of post as we don’t know why he is rambling about this board that shows no life!

This board could easily overfly and replace Commodores Amiga non released AAA custom chip System or their developed nyx prototypes and even the planned hombre architecture by distance when using all of the phase 5 MVPs TMS320C80 zorro 3 board capabilities. So this is just one more example of criminals who are attacking and molesting us every single day, yes every day in public in order to destroy the company, we can’t warn you and say it often enough. They also put those criminal disgusting activities into facebook groups and forums behaving like they have „won“ a fight against us, that they have „uncovered“ us and telling everyone not to do business with us, -discovering their real illegal and smeary intentions- to avoid the rise of a powerful company that is thruthful and honest to their clients, customers and interested persons or entities, in order not only to avoid and destroy the company, but also to polish their very smal criminal egos together in a group with some others trying to „burn“ us in public with all possible and endless lies and false and untrue stories to cause us serious problems up to the point, take care now it comes !… to the point they openly discuss to make this huge crime happen and invite to a criminal gangster group to get it done together and later on trying to buy out the rights of our hard efforts and precious hardware developments to be themselves able to sell our hardware ! No this is not a bad horror film, this is the actual Amiga scene ! You read and hear right. All evidence of these have been secured and forwarded to authorities. Like for another example this criminal with his illegal A3640/3660 replica board missing not only CE conformity declaration and tests needed to obtain a certificate to be allowed to sell those boards, there exist much much more problems like missing WEEE electronic permission, missing RoHS compliance, missing a company, missing tax numbers, missing invoices, missing new parts and missing new CPUs but sold as new board as a clear fraud on private customers and defrauding not only the states tax authority, defrauding also all other government authorities and regulators needed to have authorization to sell new hardware, up to the suspicion of moneylaundering by this illegal income with black money, beside of the planned and serious committed crimes against us. These people are selling illegal hardware without permissions, without support, without warranty and without insurance nor any authorization. Selling illegal and hacked kickstart Amiga ROMs together with the same other problems mentioned above for the boards. If such a board or connected devices catches fire and or causes malfunction of the computer or other devices connected to your electrical chain and other devices in the household and or company, it can destroy your computer, your collection, your appartment or house or in the worst case your families get burned to death inside this fire caused by such an illegal hardware, so if this case happens please dont cry and dont lose a tear for supporting criminals instead of honest companies having endless efforts. Then such guys invent false storys about an illusory „missing ground“ in one of our products knowing the most users dont understand technical points and will believe what ever bullshit is invented to destroy our highly appreciated reputation, together with an old broken board that now by miracle serves as „reference test board“ that haves ground while in reality the inner layers are broken and melted and therefore the MAIN reason he needed new boards from us and then people are sitting in front of this video sucking their thumb fingers like little babys believing that phase 5 upon a false and set up video is now „a bad guy“ while phase 5 did nothing wrong than to help out, while this guy calls himself chucky gang and so on… well we just did one thing wrong: to trust a criminal extorting and slandering us in public together with other admins and moderators as accomplices. He defrauded us by not mentioning his companys tax number we thought he haves one, so that the issued and delivered invoice together with the boards are missing the VAT tax part needed if he is a private customer, that now we have to pay additionally to tax authorities because he scammed us letting us believe that the has a professional electronic service, specially because he does well let us say „solder jobs“ and is an admin of an Amiga facebook group, abusing his presence and stand together with the other accomplices, to make his criminal plans work out, but then there are such revelatory details with his 3660 file uncovering shameless his criminal activities on his own board stating crap like „with ground“ defrauding people to make them believe he Mr. Icanthandle Bppc himself is better than phase 5 by stating a file date for his illegal 3660 boards from -31.10.2017- together with the „with ground“ note on the assembly print, proving that he planned a false and untrue story against us long time before he told anything about illusory „missing ground“ and long long time after (several months after and confirming us that the the 2 x boards are ok) recieving our blank boards. After mentioning to him at the Amiga 32 event in Neuss that also our Blizzard 1260 MK3 is almost ready for sale, he planned, invented and spreaded a disgusting false and untrue story in public to damage us with malicious intention in order to sell his illegal 3640/3660 replica boards instead that we can sell our boards in time and to destroy the reputation of phase 5 in public by abusing his status of „solder guy“ who is clearly unable to solder an 8 layer Diva with several ground planes like our Blizzard PPC 2. We have never seen such a bad solder job in our entire life, even not from users. This would be the reason to be kicked out and fired from our company immediately if presenting such a board, even as a repair of a very used and worn out board we would have fired this guy in the same second we see such a board. Not mentioning the 2… and his clearly broken CPLDs too, making a function impossible. But this guy put then his name together with Commodore Amiga engineers on his board like he invented the board to make sure one thing: His fraud to be perfect in public eyes while he never developed anything and don’t knows what schematics or comomexes devices are and start selling as much as he can now that he also attacked shameless phase 5 to believe and mislead others in the wrong direction so he can sell now perfectly his illegal boards. As all these happened events are serious crimes putting in danger our employments and existences, it was reason and time enough to forward all this never ending incidents to our lawyers and all related authorities with all involved people and companies too behind that. Details and names of these wannabe mafia crime gangsters are following soon together with our new webpage in public so that others can avoid and identify these people and companies. We are starting to fight crimes and mafia like structures in the Amiga scene right now. The Amiga has been held hostage by such criminals since years and decades. Its long time overdue to free and release the hostage Amiga from the bloody catches and clutches of evil, satanic and unscrupulous mafia extorter and gangsters who interfere in the progress of the Amiga computer.

Crying much the Admin made a A3660 opensource board real 68060 WORKING BOARD WITH GROUND that you can use for the A3000 and A4000 machines and he disproved your A1200 crappy board with no grounds in it? He does it for the love of the community and for the scene and people, and does not make much money, in fact none since it’s none profit (well he been offered a beer or two here and there for free) But all you have here is lies and fantasies disproved in the logs and chats with you and Chucky on the page he has on his own site about you! You’re the tax dodger and scammer and you talk about employees etc and your company which is ONLY you! SHIZO much? Only thing the Amiga needs is to be fre of scammers and people trying to take advantage of other people! also new site you mean the Phake5 site ?

In addition the last picture of this post is a screenshot of the CPLDs logic header content for the Blizzard 2060. You can see that we are not only able to produce empty pcb boards, we are also able to produce full working boards at anytime and anywhere in this world with our existing logic files. Only in the criminals and haters evil and satanic world we are not able to do this. Be aware to avoid these people ultimately.

Back to 1997 again this is 2018!

So please be cautious out there and buy hardware for your beloved Amiga computers only from honest, legal, and specially authorized manufacturers together with their distributors and resellers to contribute to the Amiga market and secure a long time existance of related companies withe their employees to help stand up the Amiga and grow to old and maybe greater strengh.

Authorized dealer etc? Commodore has no authorized dealers any more and Phase5 has no production and you have nothing Salvador. As for re-sellers most re-sellers are in the Facebook group with 17.000 members that knows about your behavior and fraudulence so how you going to get the POS you trying to say is in production going to be sold?

These pictures are copyright and courtesy of phase 5 digital products 2017. Pictures taken on 29th of December 2017. Do not copy, screenshot and or use these pictures elsewhere without prior expressed and written permission of phase 5 digital products, otherwise legal steps will follow as already the pictures including watermark have been illegal copied and posted on several Amiga sites without our permission.

Sorry we stole them to show this is a old prototype board and nothing new.. week 15 1997 😀 Look and laugh a the old crap and the masking tape how aged it for something that is new produced, and the start of corrosion!

It’s so hard to get a board for a A1200 or A3000 A4000 or anythign to work and show to the public and show a product line or anything. All is hush hush and secret in Salvadors head and deranged mind! DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THIS MAN! Words are cheap and easy